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Rather than using offshore consultants, and novice technicians, Archima provides an Account Manager and a Solution Architect with a deep knowledge of Salesforce. This way, we can better shape a solution to your vision and execute with precision.

Where Consistency Meets Competency

Unlike more traditional outsourcing options, we offer flexible monthly subscription plans tailored to fit your specific needs. This achieves optimal efficiency and the greatest benefit. Our tailored approach is to work closely with each client to craft a long-term plan, and implement it in stages–always focusing on delivering maximum value.

How Do We Get You Fitted And Ready?

First, we conduct a comprehensive Health Check, Risk Profile and Corporate Road Map.

We complete these within three to five weeks at the beginning of the relationship, providing you with a thorough assessment and planning process.

Attention to Details

We measure up your business and then formulate a detailed plan by:

Collecting system data

Performing analysis and reporting on data quality

Conducting stakeholder interviews

Then, it’s on to Case Management, Reporting and Communication

Transparency and accessibility are essential to building and maintaining long-term relationships of trust. We start by determining a communication style and pace that work best for you. Whether it’s by phone, chat, web conference or on-site visits, we will do what’s needed to get things running. Then, we manage our collective progress using our Incident Management Process.

Finally, we employ our proprietary Remote Innovation Success Framework

Here, we create a road map for sustainable, integrated growth – from launch through integration. This allows us to optimize your business processes, data management, governance and whatever other aspects we identify as crucial to your specific needs. Our goal is to help you achieve your strategic business objectives across your organization, and to ensure alignment between Salesforce solutions and the overall growth of your company.

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