Our business model depends on our ability to identify the best talent in the industry. For all engagements, candidates have a unique and recognizable profile. To our clients, this profile is synonymous with Archima.

We are a boutique Salesforce professional services firm with a group of professionally mature and highly productive subject matter experts, technologists and specialists, not generalists. We bring a best practice know-how, focused on helping businesses who want to maximize productivity. We provide tailored solutions that give our clients contextual, personalized, and relevant customer and employee experiences that boost usability, ensure customer retention, and increase profitability.

We are Archima Solutions – a boutique Salesforce Services firm, headquartered in Paramus, New Jersey with expertise in providing solutions across industries. Collectively we average 12+ years of relevant experience and 10+ years of Salesforce expertise with extensive consulting and industry experience.

Archima emphasizes Digital Strategy, Transformation, Customer Experience, and resolving the challenges associated with Customer Loyalty in the Digital Economy with Salesforce. Where most Consulting organizations lack end-to-end integration capabilities and solution offerings, Archima provides completeness of vision, solutions, and deliverables through a proven methodology and set of KPIs to maximize our customers’ financial productivity. We design and deliver relevant, contextual and exceptional digital experiences at every touchpoint through the customer journey that are aligned with organizational vision, goals and objectives, and are described as Archima’s aDigital Customer-Centric Experiences (aDigital C²X) and Employee Engagement Experiences (aDigital E²X).

We offer a broad range of Salesforce services including Cloud Implementation Consulting across a range of Salesforce applications, Managed Cloud Services, and Strategic Staffing Services. We focus on innovative, customized, and integrated solutions, enhancing skills in Salesforce Solutions implementations (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Analytics Cloud) as well as Cross-Platform Application Integration.

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Executive Insight

Angela Williams

Director of Employee Engagement & Alliances
“At Archima, our people are the most important assets in our business. We recruit and train individuals who genuinely want to be innovative.  As a minority owned business, we pride ourselves on equality and inclusion across all aspects of our services. We believe our culture empowers people to bring their authentic self to work every day.”

Chris Thompson

Managing Director – Salesforce Practice
“Designing a unique experience requires more than technology, it requires focusing on your customer, building a culture centered around innovation, being easy to do business with and meeting your customers where they are.”


Raj Sahu

“Innovation, leadership strategy and vision cultivated comprehensively in the fabric of organizations endure and create boundless business opportunities. The need for sustainable and measurable growth in a digital economy necessitates collaborative leadership, effective organization alignment, right investment strategy, innovative solutions and sound partnerships. Foundation of Archima is bound by this principle, which is why we consider our partnerships with our clients to be strategic, operational and lifelong.”

John Craven

Sr. Director – Salesforce Practice
“The foundation of our team combines a passion for the Salesforce platform and an innate desire to help our customers. Every member of our team builds upon that with their own specialty focus and thought leadership that drives our success.”