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The End of Scattered Object Schema

The various function and process terminology used in Salesforce can often be scattered—across all levels of an organization. ArchiMeta Studio helps users navigate through this sea of terms and functions with the definitive tool to peel back the interrelation of Salesforce object schema.

The Object Schema Dilemma

Why ‘Connecting the Dots’ Makes All the Difference.

With ArchiMeta Studio, we’ve connected often scattered object schema in Salesforce and created the only centralized, 360-degree view. Use this tool when generating data dictionaries, consolidating or migrating orgs, or streamlining overlapping scrum team development. No more stale or scattered metadata means more productivity for everyone.

Why ArchiMeta?

It’s a must-have tool for every Salesforce professional, specifically Administrators, Developers, and Data Architects managing single and multi-org enterprises.

The Right Tool For The Job

A tool designed with features that save a lot of time and money. No more managing and analyzing potentially stale metadata.

  • Connect to multiple Salesforce instances with flexible organization method
  • Generates CSV and fully formatted Excel schema documents
  • Quickly Locate objects & fields with fast, flexible, compound searching
  • Central view of all child relationships from a parent object
  • Field-level usage statistics and field attribute details
  • Caching Mechanism to Provide Offline Work/Performance Improvements
  • Provides a complete look at field dependencies across all objects
  • Multiple authentication methods

Choose the Plan That Best Fits Your Business Model

We’ve designed three plan options tailored to different user types. Whether you manage single or multiple org environments, this is a tool you won’t want to do it without.

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